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For all the creative arts and crafts sellers. Are you fed up paying commission for selling your unique gift ware that has taken you hours to produce? Have you had enough with the rules and regulations you must abide by!

A spanish Life is now in production of creating the ASL shopping mall. Where you can open an online shop with all the advantages you would expect from an online shop, but with one major difference, no commission fees, no set up fees, just a very small monthly fee.

No worries about SEO as that is all done for you through our own in house search engine optimisation. 

Not only can we offer you over 60,000 potential customers that visit our site every month, within time your shop through ASL will climb up the rankings.

We have 1000's of service adverts that appear on page one of Google and within time that will be you. 

The first 100 shops will be offered at a discounted monthly rate of just €20 a month!

If you wish to know more or would like to book a shop, then please contact :




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