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Watch UK TV online Abroad - Get The Whole Picture

Using a IPTV set-top box connected to your TV you will be able to experience the future of TV today. No computers, VPN‘s or dishes are required, all you need is the Internet. So no matter if you’re in Spain or Australia you can now watch all your favourite UK TV programmes abroad, all from one little box, and there's NO SOFTWARE to download, setting up to do, or looking for lost channels, just plug it in, and off you go.....Simple.

FREE 5 Day Trial of our UK TV services

If you already own a MAG254 or MAG250 set-top box you can have a 5 day FREE trial is absolutely free and you will not be billed unless you decided to keep the service. FREE 5 - day trial of the full Catchup TV service, with no obligation.

Rock Solid & Reliable Service

We do not offer cheap Android no subscription services. We do however supply professional IPTV Set-Top boxes (STBs) that are basically mini computers running Linix for their operating system, which is used by Banks to Bakers in the business market, so it’s very, very reliable.

All the our TV content is provided by a "Content Provider", who we PAY to supply high quality streams to IPTV operators, which are rock solid, and more importantly, the channels, are there when you switch your STB on.

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