Staff being agressive towards customer.

I went to Posh Palace in La Marina near Consume. It was a very busy night as there was a concert in car park. My two boys and myself, one of 7 and the other 15. We walked in and waited 10 minutes for someone to aknoledge us and asked for a table for 3. We was told they are fully booked, fair enough. We then asked for take away and was told they dont do that which I found a bit strange as my wife was only told a day ago by owner that they do. Fair enough we left feeling a bit disgruntled. I said to my boys what a hospitable place on our way out the door. One of their staff , a spanish guy was behind me. He said we are fully booked dont be sarcastic in a raised voice to me. I said Im entitled to my opinion. He then decided to confront me and said what Im I going to do in an agresive manner with many witneeses to confirm his anger. I said what are you going to do hit me. He then said to me im bared from restaurant. I felt very scared as Im in a different country and was with my two boys who were also scared. I found that type of customer service outrageous. Now I have thought about I will be making a formal complaint to owner. I definately will not be eating there.