Laws governing the rental of holiday homes in autonomous regions of Spain

Worth Reading: This may affect many property owners in Spain who rent their property!

Over a year ago the Spanish government passed a new law limiting the rental of tourist homes during the holiday periods, whilst also yielding its regulation to the different autonomous regions of Spain. Today, each region legislates differently, for example, in the Balearics; the regional government has restricted practically all forms of holiday rentals. Others, have begun fining owners of holiday homes without having an approved legislation in place (as is the case in Andalucia).

Here is a glossary of the situation so far in each regional area.

Current variations of the regional regulations governing the rental of tourist accommodation in Spain:

Andalusia: Approval of the future law is planned for January 2015. The Andalucian draft proposes to regulate tourist rental housing through the letting of individual rooms (B&B). They will also be considering the rental of tourist apartments, as well as for complexes with 3 or more homes operated by the same operator within a 1 km. radius, implying that in these cases the owner will have to meet stricter requirements.