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New Energy Therapy to help animals - by Jennifer Rahman, EFT Therapist • Jennifer Rahman

Hello everyone,

Is your beloved pet sluggish, anxious, having unexplained pain or even unexplained behavioural problems?

Have you previously tried either conventional or alternative holistic therapy for your pet to no avail?

Then why not try Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT as it is affectionately known!

EFT is a proven energy therapy now available in Spain that is so safe that it can be used on humans and pets alike.

What is EFT?

EFT is the latest energy therapy that has had significant success worldwide. When we suffer from illness and pain as a result of prolonged stress and anxiety, our energy levels are displaced. The same can be said about animals. Animals quickly pick up vibrations from their owners or circumstances. People say, "Animals live in the moment". Yes, this is true to an extent. But animals also have memory and these can be filled with past trauma (especially if it is a rescued animal). Animals are also vibrationally sensitive to the energy levels or trauma currently ( or past) experienced by their owners. Animals respond to these situations the best they can and it can be manifested through withdrawal from food, drink or environment or even unexplained pain or behaviour.

As a responsible pet owner, as we English are, we want to help our pets the best we can. If you have had no success or limites succes with either conventional or holistic therapy, why not try EFT.

How does EFT work on animals?

Unlike Reiki, I do not use my energy to heal your pet. Instead, EFT removes the negative energy from your pet causing the illness or behaviour. I do this by using your pet's OWN energy to self-heal, which is equally powerful. Animals, like humans, are energy vessels and using their own power to self-heal means that the process is safe, less stressful and the benefits are long lasting. EFT balances your pets energy levels, bringing harmony and balance to it once again. A healthy balanced pet is a happy one!

What techniques are used?

On humans, EFT involves gentle tapping actions on specific acupressure points on the body coupled with positive affirmations. However, with animals- especially traumatised or aggressive animals- this is not often possible. Also, the acupressure points on animals differ from species to species.

Instead, EFT for animals uses proven (and worldwide accepted) techniques such as Surrogacy or by Proxy.

What is Surrogate Tapping?

This technique uses a "surrogate" usually the owner or someone who is familiar with the animal- as a conduit for the therapy. In the UK, some EFT therapists use stuffed animals as surrogates like the Magic Tapping Bear.

What is Proxy tapping?

Proxy tapping uses photographs or screen tapping. Photographs are energy images frozen in time by technology. It contains energy levels nevertheless, much like aura photographs or chakra energy. Yes, animals have chakras as well and energy is held in each of the chakra points.

Proxy tapping opens a wider realm of tapping meaning that I don't have to physically see the pet to be able to help it. I just work on the photograph supplied by the owner.

If you would like to find out more about animal tapping, there are two useful sights to visit: - This is an animal chairity that I support, which is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of abused and abandoned Galgos (spanish greyhounds) and Podencos. Look under "animal therapy" to see how I have used EFT to help these traumatised animals. Go to "Free articles (EFT) to view an article published in an international EFT online magazine. As I support Galgos Del Sol, I am donating 20% of my fees to this charity.

If you require more information, contact me either via my website,above, or phone my mobil on: 63 4358 310.


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