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Charlie Joss
-  Lead Singer

 Born in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina on the 7th September 1979, under the star sign of Virgo.  The only child of Mabel and Carlos, Charlie was educated at the  “E.E.T n 5” school, and then studied music at the conservatoire of the Mar del Plata and English at the “Queens English Institute”
From a early age, Charlie was influenced by gospel music and also the  graphic arts.  With help and support from his mother he got his first drum kit at the age of twelve.  
His musical tastes grew as he listened to music from bands like Queen, The Beatles, Rod Stewart, Elton John and just about everything else that crossed his path (as his great friend Damian Shine can testify).  From a young age he always believed that one day he would visit distant lands, and after the premature death of his mother he decided to fulfil this promise of discovery.  His first musical training was along side Damian Shine in the group “Heaven” and from early on songs like “So long”, “The power of man” and “Morpheus theme” aided the gestation of this musical development. After living in Mexico for a few years, an idea to form a Queen tribute band was instigated. In 2008 he decided to move to Spain and here he met the other members of Chess
Today, Charlie is the lead singer and occasionally plays the drums for the band Chess.

Juanma Aznar -  Bass guitar

Born in Elche, Alicante on the 20th January 1977 under the star sign of Capricorn. His parents, Juan and Marcelina raised a family with a daughter, Raquel and a son, who is the youngest, Juanma. He was educated at the schools: “San Jose de Calasanz”, secondary school at “Nuestra Señora de Carmen” and then at “J.E.S.” in Carrús, Elche.
Later on he went to Alicante University and graduated with a Bachelor of Art. As a postgraduate he studied to be a music teacher and sociology of music. Juanma started his musical career when he was 14 at secondary school. It was a friend who showed him his first chords and they played the guitar together in a religious choir at school. Soon after that he joined his first band “After Ego” at 16 years of age, in which he sang whilst playing the guitar. With three guitars in the band, his interest for the bass guitar took hold. Between many different styles and up to four bands at once, he accentuates the following bands: “Narcolepsia” (Pop-rock), “Amalgama” (hard-rock) and “Miranda Warning” (pop-rock). In this last formation, he coincides with Joshua Garcia, whom he had known for some time. It was here, their friendship consolidated and a musical collaboration enabled them to record a disc and to tour Spain. 

Juanma plays the bass guitar, sings the choruses and occasionally is lead-singer for Chess.

Joshua Garcia Lopez  -  Guitar

Born in Elche, Alicante on the 3rd June 1976 under the star sign of Gemini. Son of Antonio and Mercedes Joshua is the youngest of eight brothers. 
He went to school at “Jaime Balmes”, studied music in the Conservatoire of Elche and Art at a private academy. He studied mechanics and drafting at “J.E.S. Salesianos y La Torreta”. Thanks to his brothers’ variety of musical tastes, Joshua was listening to a diversity of groups during his childhood. These range from B.S.O. from the film Flash Dance to groups like The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Who, King Crimson, Guns and Roses, Nirvana and Queen. This is how he started to play the guitar. 
At the same time as he was working, he started his training as a guitarist, returning once again to the Conservatoire of Elche. He’s also played in various bands each with different styles like Indie pop-rock with “Goody Alien”, garage with “Minardis”, and acoustics with “Green Fish and the Jackets”. His professional musical career started with the band “Miranda Warning” with which he worked with for seven years as a composer and guitarist. “Miranda Warning” has released three albums internationally, and has had various number 1’s in different radio stations. He lived in Valencia, where he qualified as a sound technician and around the same time did courses in computer music. During his musical career he met his true love, Loli and married her. They now have a daughter named Daniela, to which a song on the first Chess album is dedicated.

Today, he is one of the band’s composers and plays the guitar, sings the choruses and is occasionally lead-singer.


Nicolae Nedelciuc  - Keyboards

Born in Soroca, Moldova, on the 10th June 1987, under the star sign of Gemini. His parents, Valeriu and Larisa raised a family with two sons, Nicolae being the youngest.
He studied at the Music School “Alexei Stirceo” in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova and went on to graduate from the Chisinau Conservatoire of Music as a chorus director and in piano.
He comes from a family of musicians and thanks to this he has always had an ideal atmosphere at home to be able to enjoy quality performances of complex classical music and it was here that his interest in music started. His father was his first piano teacher and he started to play the piano when he was only six years old, before he went to study at school.
When he was seventeen years old, he joined a band in Moldova  called “Millenium”. This band used many different styles of music including jazz-rock, sympho-rock and folkrock. In addition to his many abilities to play classical music and having the techniques required for to play a musical instrument, it was here that Nick acquired the experience he needed to be able to play in a group. When he was twenty years old and after he had finished his studies he decided to try his luck here in Spain. 

Today Nick writes, directs the harmonies, sings the choruses and plays the keyboards in Chess

Vitalie Cozari - Drums 

Born on the 7th September 1985 in Ungheni,Moldova. He studied at the "Ion Creanga"Institute in Ungheni and later went on to study musicat the Conservatoire located inthe same city. He then finalised his formation with a Master of Music, at the G.Musicescu" 
Conservatoire in Chisinau, specialising in Jazz. 
He has collaborated with many musical bands and artists from Moldova, Romania, Ireland and Norway. 
During the years 2010 through to 2012, he has been teaching the drums at the same Conservatoire where he studied and he has also been working as a sound technician for the puppet theatre "Licurici" in Chisinau. 
And he enbarked on a journey that will bring him to Spain to unite with Chess as their new drummer.
Now Vitalie is the drummer ,song writer and the  choruses in Chess,


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