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Crevillent (Crevillente in Spanish) is a town and municipality located in the Alicante province, part of the Valencian Community, Spain. It is situated in the comarca of Baix Vinalopó, and lies at the foot of the hill range known locally as Serra de Crevillent. It has an area of 103.3 km2 and, according to the resent census, a total population of 26,260 inhabitants. Crevillente still has old sections, with narrow winding streets, some with flat-roofed buildings dating from the times of the Moors.


The terrain is dry, and its main vegetation is composed by carob trees, almond trees, olive trees and esparto. At present, Crevillent has the most important industry of carpets in Spain..


The town was probably settled by Romans. In 1263, during the period known as Reconquista, James I of Aragon liberated the city from the Moors and became a part of the Kingdom of Valencia.


The most important tourist places of the city are is a museum with works of Mariano Benlliure, a Valencian sculptor. Also remarkable is its Moros and Cristians festival. Worth a look in the town is the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) and the Nuestra Señora de Belen church.

Church_of_mare_de_d__u_de_betlem_in_crevillente   Terraza-en-crevillente

The climate in Crevillente

Throughout the year, the weather in the region of Crevillente is sunny. The winters are mild and sunny the summers are beautiful and hot. Rainfall is something which one it comes tends to be short and sharp but don’t be concerned because rain doesn’t appear that regularly. A strange phenomena is that on many occasions it will be raining up and over the hills at Hondon but not a drop will fall in Crevillente.

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Hotels in Crevillente

Hotel Goya
Las Palmeras
Camping Las Palmeras


Close to Crevillente you will find the El Hondo nature reserve and reservoir, an important wetland area which is used by a variety of migratory birds, among the species that can be seen are flamingos and imperial herons. In the waters you may find carp, eel, mosquitofish, toothcarp and grey mullet


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