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Scotland V SPain .. UEFA Oct • Kchri39472

Just looking to see if anyone can assist or point me in the correct direction for tickets to the Spain / Scotland  Euro Qualifier Game 11th oct in alicante  .
1. I have contacted the SFA and they have advised that Scotland Tickets will only be issued to SFA members , and at the moment they are not accepting any new members.
2. My husband and my 9yr old go to watch hercules alot .. and this is the stadium where the match is being played. Normal procedure to purchase tickets is that they are released 3-4 days before a match and you go to Alicante to purchase.  So i emailed Hercules in both english and spanish to see if the procedure would be different seen as its a UEFA game .. but didnt get any reply
3. I emailed UEFA to ask when / where i could purchase tickets and again got no reply 
Anyone got any further ideas ? 


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