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                                                  Why Not Visit


The ignorance that most of us have in the West towards Russia and its new
countries is one that was shared by myself before I came to live here and see
what it was all about. Two weeks before leaving England I had not even
heard of Moldova. Most of the books that I had been able to find on the
place had only given me simple facts about population, the climate or
currency. Nothing that would help you prepare for a visit. But now you
know about the place you have seen it a little though my eyes so not only
can you visit but you can help, you do not have to go though the six day trip
that I did as there are some good flights on offer. There are some good
hotels that you could stay at, yes you will pay over the top for them but
Westerners can afford it.
Translators are on hand for not a lot and so would be a car to run you around
to the more interesting places. Some rules would be to not go out in the dark
never carry much money, and try to look as Russian as possible and never
talk in English its a dead give away. But don't be put off that much I made it
so can you and the experience of this place is one that you will never want
to forget, the sights, sounds and by far the people will stay in your mind
forever. There are wonderful churches and theatre. If you are into history
then it can be seen every where. The East has been locked away for years
but now its open to us all, its a living museum. Communist flags still fly
from some of the buildings 1980 Olympic circles can still be seen on gates
and fences and on the side of people’s homes.
The statues of the country's leaders long gone but never forgotten are still
around, yes they have been removed from the most prominent places but
only to a plot around the corner. All the old anniversaries are still
celebrated, Red Army Day or Lennon Birthday or even his death day.
People are confused as to their place in this new world so they cling onto the
past at the same time embracing the new future. Remember they were
always tough that us the capitalist were just fat pigs that wanted to kill them
and their way of life. Its now hard for them to come to terms with the lies
that they were told and the truth they must try to understand. For you its all
there to see a unique experience to witness the birth of a new nation.

Yes its dangerous, but what's life with out a bit of danger. Your visit will be
memorable and full of the sort of excitement that you will not get at Disney.
In time to come the opportunity to go will not be the same, things will have
changed and Moldova will not be what it is today. So why not come over
before its too late and on the way you may be able to help one or two people
or a child. If not at least the money you spend may find its way onto
someone's table so at least they can eat for a few days.
If you want to come then contact us and we will help you to help them.


So where does this country go from here? If you are reading this book in the
future then you already know the answer to what for us has not happened
yet. For me and my Eastern friends we can only guess what the future has in
store for us. Most believe it will not be a good future that the hardships of
today will have to get a lot harder before they get better. Maybe there will
be a war or Russia will take us back under its powerful wing, which is what
most people think would be best. Or could Socialism come out from its
hiding place and force the iron curtain back up again and the people back
into the boredom and control of a suppressed nation. What ever will or has
happened is only going to be hard for the people of Moldova the problems
they have today are difficult, tomorrows changes will make them
impossible. People go on with their every day lives the best way they can,
each new hardship and challenge is met head on. Their rugged will to
survive will always carry them though all of life's hardships. But it must
stop sometime, there must come a point when they can not take any more.
At the moment the voice of the people are many, but one day it could
become one, they will rise up as one man and one nation for they will not be
able to take any more.
My stay in this country was not long, but their problems are now my
problems. I feel as they feel and with them wish for a better way of life.
Remember they do not ask for much, their desires are just for a normal life,
just to be in control of their own destiny would mean so much to them.
They want to be able to buy food, be paid an honest wage for an honest days
work. To have the right of turning on the heating when they are cold or be
able to get medicine when their children are sick.
We in the West live our lives in luxury compared to Moldova, how often do
we spend £20 on nothing? Or waste food that we could not eat. You only
live in the West because of the luck of nature how different your lives
would have been if you had been born the other side of the Border Line.



                                    PART 2 1995 TO 2010


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